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Creative Ways to Decorate With Fairy Lights

fairy lights decorating a table

Whether you want to add temporary decor to your home or just use them for general lighting, fairy lights can help create a beautiful atmosphere. Fairy lights are perfect for decorating outdoor areas and can even be used as permanent wall art. If you want to make your home even more festive, consider hanging star-shaped lights instead of clustered lights. Here are some other ideas to decorate with fairy lights. : Create wall art with glitter and fairy lights, illuminate a teepee, and decorate a cake table.

DIY wall art with glitter and fairy lights

This holiday season, you can add sparkle and glitz to your walls by creating DIY wall art with glitter and fairy lights. String lights are a staple of holiday decor, and you can use them to light up your outdoor space. You can also use light globes hung overhead in trees to accent your wall. There are so many different ways to decorate with fairy lights and glitter. Follow these easy steps to add sparkle to your home this holiday season.

Use fairy lights as your base for DIY wall art. Whether you’re using them for wedding decorations, dorm room decor, or a Christmas tree, fairy lights are a versatile addition. You can even create a photo display using fairy lights and mini clothespins. This is a fantastic way to decorate a room, while adding a magical touch. Make sure to buy the right size and number of fairy lights to ensure the look is consistent throughout.

Whether you’re decorating the windows or mirrors, fairy lights can add a magical atmosphere to any room. They can also be used as accents for furniture, mirrors, and windows. They add a magical glow in the evening, and they keep the festive spirit alive even after the snow has melted. Whether you’re redecorating for a holiday party or looking for a fun way to spruce up your living room, fairy lights can make decorating easy and beautiful.

Illuminate a teepee

If you want to give your children a private place for reading and playing, decorate a teepee. Whether you make your own or buy one, adding fairy lights will give it a romantic, magical glow. For kids, string lights add warmth and comfort to their favorite place. Try wrapping logs with string lights to provide year-round illumination. You can even try dressing your fireplace with white LED lights for a festive touch.

If you want to make your teepee more fun, you can try some of these examples. In the House of Turquoise, you can use black and white fabric, paired with colorful books. Project Nursery uses fabric with larger stripes to create different patterns all around. For an eclectic look, try using fabric with a world map. You’ll need to purchase a few different kinds of fairy lights, so be sure to get a variety of types.

You can also try lanterns or mini lights for a reading teepee. Lantern lights are especially nice because they don’t take up much space and they can be strung above the teepee area to create a magical atmosphere. One example of a lantern-lit teepee can be found on Pillow Thought, while another example is the Brit + Co teepee, which is illuminated by twinkling lights.

decorate with fairy lights

Hang stars instead of clustered lights

Clustered lights may seem romantic and beautiful but they take up space and are tedious to hang. If you prefer something less traditional, you could hang stars instead. You can also hide the unsightly wires by wrapping them with fairy lights. However, hanging stars does not give the same effect as clustered lights. When using these lights, you should remember to turn off the main switch when not in the room.

When decorating with fairy lights, mix different shapes, sizes, and colors to give your decorations a festive vibe. You will be surprised at how much light you can get from various sizes and shapes. Make sure to hang them parallel to one another to get the most coverage. You can also choose different illuminated characters to highlight the walls. You can also string them to create a starry sky in the backyard or on the roof.

Hanging fairy lights outside

Decorate a cake table

For a romantic and enchanting touch, add some florals and candles. A cascade of citrus down the wedding cake is sure to command attention. Pair this with a table-top display of individually wrapped wedding cookies for a unique and beautiful display. The tall, taper candles add a touch of color and style to your cake table. If you have a desert wedding, the cake may even match the surrounding landscape.

If your venue is rustic or natural, consider mounting your wedding cake on a swing. Your guests will be surprised when they see it swaying in the breeze. A cake vendor can also suspend a cake from the ceiling. Guests will feel like they’ve been transported back in time, too. And, if you’re going for a romantic feel, you can always choose to pair your cake with additional sweets.

For the centrepiece, use several tall, decorative cake stands, or add them stacked for a more dramatic look. Stagger the height of each stand by adding baubles, dried fruit, or foliage to the top. You can also use glass structures that allow the baubles and foliage to shine. This is an easy way to add glitz to a cake table without breaking the bank.

Incorporating fairy lights into flower arrangements is another great way to make the table look magical. Try weaving them through flower arrangements or bouquets, and then use the flexible wire to outline wedding signs and frames. There are many other creative ways to decorate a cake table with fairy lights. For more ideas, visit our wedding lights guide. It will help you make your vision come to life. You can also incorporate fairy lights in other areas of your venue.

Illuminate a guest book signing table

Rather than using traditional candlelight, why not illuminate a guest book signing table with fairy lights? You can place them underneath the table to give it a more festive look. Fairy lights are ideal for wedding reception tables, as they can be hidden in decorative glass vases or mason jars. You can also place them on the cake table or guest book signing table. This way, guests can sign their name and say a few words about their experience.

In addition to being a useful decoration, a guest book can also double as a work of art. Choose a guest book that reflects your home decor, so that your guests feel at home in your new space. You can even choose an engagement photo or other favourite engagement photo to decorate the cover. This way, everyone can sign their name and share their thoughts about the wedding. Once you have collected the guest books, you can decorate the table with fairy lights to add even more flair to the decor of your home.




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